How Is It Done?


  • First an idea about the tapestry is turned into multiple sketches.
  • A final sketch is chosen (upper image).
  • The yarns are selected based on the colors in the sketch.
  • Finished tapestry: lower image
  • I use Scandinavian yarns because of their quality and the wide selection of colors.
  • Warping the loom - I use cotton seine twine for warp, the vertical threads on the loom. The closer the warp threads are to each other, the finer the detail in the final tapestry. I usually set up  8or 10 ends per inch (epi).
  • The cartoon  is a full-scale black and white drawing or printout to be used behind the warp as a guide.
  • The short video in this link is to a YouTube movie which shows a little bit of the process of weaving a tapestry.