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Here is a selection of my tapestries. Most are based on images from my travels. Click here for some samples of my Pen & Ink drawings.

As the Eagle Flies

CB_The_Milkmaid.jpg (36480 bytes)
The Milkmaid

By Lake Mälaren

Gentle Intrusion

CB Papouss.jpg (728451 bytes)
Papouss II

CB Lukas II.jpg (337903 bytes)
Lukas II

Multnomah Falls

Swedish Coast

Rowing Verité

Through Dalecarlia web.jpg (74536 bytes)
Through Dalecarlia

CB_Summer_Night.jpg (36292 bytes)
Summer Night

IMG_7722_ro_cr (Large).jpg (261810 bytes)
Rising Tides

Waiting By Tullgarn Castle med.jpg (268509 bytes)
Waiting by Tullgarn Castle

The Unicorn Project

The Struggle for Power at Cost

Klamath Spring web.jpg (64458 bytes)
Klamath Spring

Grays Harbor Tapestry

Moxee Tapestry

McMicken Heights Tapestry